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Eucon are pleased to relay the following information as received from  Port of Cork with regard to the roll out of container terminal Vehicle Booking System for hauliers.

Port of Cork (POC) inform us that the recently released Vehicle Booking System (VBS) APP will make drivers’ visit to the terminal faster and more efficient, using the APP means the driver only requires a single TAR to gain entry for collections and deliveries.

POC are encouraged to see that the majority of the hauliers calling at the terminal are now using mobile app. This helps them to remove/sort all the potential problems in advance.

Using POC VBS for advance bookings gives the Port, the Customer and the Haulage Company 100% accuracy at the terminal, therefore reducing delays at the gate due to inaccurate data.

The VBS allows the terminal to manage a sustained level of gate throughput during the day, this in turn will improve gate and terminal transactions for drivers.

The timeframe shows gradual implementation over the Summer months and POC should be ready for the full VBS roll out by September 2nd 2019. Please be assured that POC will work and support all haulage companies during the implementation period and operation, please feel free to contact  POC directly if you require assistance. As with all new systems, some minor issues will exist in the early stages, we hope you will work with the terminal while they try to tailor the best solution for both the drivers and the terminal.

For more information see following link – POCVBSInformationNote3-June2019.pdf