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Dear clients,

Eucon are delighted to announce the addition of the m/v Music to our weekly schedule with effect from the 1st January 2021.

The addition of this modern and efficient ship increases the carrying capacity on our weekly Eucon operated services by 17%. This positive approach for 2021 allows us to offer the market our most comprehensive sailing schedule to date with capacity upswings right across our range of services and ports of call. We are proud to add this new development to our master sailing schedule for the year ahead.

We have also taken delivery of over 700 pcs of new container equipment in the past 18 months. This increase in the size of our fleet will be further boosted by the delivery of an extra 400 new builds in the first half of 2021.  The combination of our investment to increase our container fleet whilst also increasing our carrying capacity demonstrates our understanding of what the market needs for the coming year. If you require any additional information or further explanations on our new master sailing schedule, please feel free to contact your local commercial contact at Eucon. They are willing to assist.

We continue to listen to our customers’ needs and look forward to continuous improvements to our services in the year ahead. We appreciate your ongoing support.