Prior to any container being loaded on board a seagoing vessel, the shipper must communicate a Verified Gross Mass to the carrier.

The VGM (Verified gross Mass) is the total combined weight of all Cargo (Payload) inside a container, including packaging and stowage material and the ‘Tare’ weight of the container. The VGM can be determined by two methods. Which method can be used

depends on local legislation and possible registration and is of no further relevance to the carrier.


  • Method 1:   The complete container, after loading and sealing, is weighed by using a weighbridge.
  • Method 2:   The individual weights of the various elements (cargo, packing, stowage and lashing material, tare weight of the container) are added to come to a calculated VGM. The tare weight of the container can be found at the door of the container.


For further information and guidance on how to communicate VGM – see our Eucon VGM Guidelines


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For further reading please see the SOLAS VGM Industry FAQ from our news section.